Walmart Gift Card 2023

Where can you buy Walmart gift cards?

You can purchase Walmart gift cards from either Walmart or you buy the gift card in-store then you can do so at any register. Just let the cashier know that you would like to purchase a gift card, and they will take care of the rest.

What are Walmart gift cards used for?

A Walmart gift card is a prepaid Visa or MasterCard that can be used at any Walmart store, on You can use Walmart Gift Cards to purchase anything sold at Walmart stores.

Can I use Walmart gift card anywhere?

You can use your Walmart Visa Gift Card everywhere. Walmart Visa or debit cards are accepted in the fifty (50) states of the United States and the District of Columbia, excluding Puerto Rico and the other United States territories.

Can you exchange a gift card for cash?

You can easily turn gift cards into cash through reputable sites like Raise and CardCash. The site you choose will depend on the ease of sale and the type of gift card you have. You won’t get full value for it, but that’s still better than letting a gift card go unused.

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